The (Almost) Complete Guide to Creating the Ultimate Plex Server

Since I've gone way beyond my own expectations and written several guides rather than just the one I originally intended to write, I figured I should probably consolidate everything into one "table of contents" post. So, without further ado, here are the first guides on creating the ultimate, unlimited Plex server: Getting Started with Plex … Continue reading The (Almost) Complete Guide to Creating the Ultimate Plex Server

SABnzbd Disk Monitor Script

Many of you who followed this guide are probably using a VPS provider which offers a little less disk space than you'd hope. Here's my method to keep things running smoothly while allowing enough disk space for Plex to transcode and keep your downloads going. This script will You'll want to replace '/dev/md2' with your … Continue reading SABnzbd Disk Monitor Script

Sonarr Post-Processing Script

Here's my Sonarr post-processing script. This script utilizes the previous "" script and the "Sickbeard MP4 Automator script" from here. Sonarr post-processing scripts receive environment variables as defined on this page, allowing you to pass that information through to the scripts. I use those in conjunction with some customized variables to manipulate the rClone upload … Continue reading Sonarr Post-Processing Script

Setting up Radarr with Plex Media Server

One of the most time-consuming aspects of maintaining a Plex server is keeping your media organized and keeping track of upcoming episodes and movie releases. This guide will focus on two tools to automate that process. Disclosure: This guide in no way condones nor promotes piracy. Where you get your media is your choice, and while the […]

Automatically Mounting acd_cli, EncFS, and UnionFS Mounts at Boot

UPDATED – 26 January, 2017 This script has been updated to work with the changes made in the last guide using rClone rather than acd_cli for the ACD mount. People have been asking how to mount all those different directories we set up in Using Amazon Cloud Drive with Plex Media Server on Ubuntu… And … Continue reading Automatically Mounting acd_cli, EncFS, and UnionFS Mounts at Boot