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Here are some scripts I’ve written and refined over several months to use with Plex and the other utilities like Sonarr and Radarr. I’ll continue adding more of my useful scripts to this page over time. These scripts are able to be customized fairly easily, but bear in mind I have a unique setup and my directory names and mount-points might differ from yours, so if you intend to use these scripts as templates to create your own, you’ll need to perform some customizations. I also have the “Sickbeard MP4 Automator script” repo from here unpacked in my ‘/home/plex/scripts’ directory, which is what I use to convert all my media to M4V.

I have no problem with anybody using my scripts as templates to create their own, as “gutting” scripts and combining examples is one of the best ways to learn how to script. I don’t need any credit or anything like that, but if you find my scripts and/or other posts useful and would like to help me out, you can make a donation to my blog here, I’d really appreciate it!

Something to Note

I currently use Amazon Cloud Drive (encrypted) and Google Drive (not encrypted) side-by-side, so you’ll see in many of my scripts I upload to ACD then sync my ACD decrypted folder to GDrive.

The reason I run Amazon Cloud Drive and Google Drive mounts simultaneously for my setup is because I was participating in the Plex Cloud beta and needed my media available on Google Drive without encryption. It’s not necessary, and probably to most people not worth it. Unless you’ve got both accounts already, by all means don’t worry about sticking with one or the other.

Hitting the Glass Ceiling on “Unlimited”

I found Google Drive to provide better read performance, so I switched to using that for Plex libraries rather than only using it for Plex Cloud, and decided to stick with using ACD for my Sonarr and Radarr directories. The reason for keeping those separate being Google’s API/download limitations. I actually backed out of the Plex Cloud beta for now and shut the server down because it was scanning my GDrive account too often, and it was being “banned” or “locked” for 24 hours at a time. When this happens, you can still upload to GDrive using rClone, and you can list directories, however Plex will report your media as “unavailable” and you won’t be able to play it. Keeping Sonarr and Radarr pointed at my ACD mount and then keeping them synced up using the scripts below cuts down on reads/requests to my Google Drive and prevents it from being locked for 24 hours.


UnionFS Cleanup Script

Sonarr Post-Processing Script

Radarr Post-Processing Script

SABnzbd Disk Monitor Script

One thought on “Script Hub

  1. I suggest you add to your rclone upload script a filter to exclude folder .unionfs-fuse.

    p.s. Also rclone mount supports filters as well.


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