The (Almost) Complete Guide to Creating the Ultimate Plex Server

Since I’ve gone way beyond my own expectations and written several guides rather than just the one I originally intended to write, I figured I should probably consolidate everything into one “table of contents” post. So, without further ado, here are the first guides on creating the ultimate, unlimited Plex server:

  1. Getting Started with Plex
    Getting the basics covered; Installing Plex and adding libraries
  2. Setting up the Plugin for Plex Media Server
    Installing the plugin and scrobbling your play activity with
  3. Setting up CouchPotato and Sonarr with Plex Media Server
    Automating the organization, renaming, and moving of media files. Because let’s face it, who wants to do all that manually?
  4. Using Amazon Cloud Drive with Plex Media Server on Ubuntu… And Encrypting It!
    The bread and butter; Installing acd_cli, rclone, and EncFS to keep your media stored in the “cloud” and keep it private
  5. Automatically Mounting acd_cli, EncFS, and UnionFS Mounts at Boot
    Because who wants to mount their ACD manuall? Ew.
  6. Deep Dive: Making Sonarr Work So You Don’t Have To!
    Getting Sonarr to take care of the housekeeping, including initiating rclone uploads
  7. Setting up Radarr with Plex Media Server
    A continuation of the Sonarr guide, but for movies!
  8. Script Hub
    Useful area to check for scripts that get all your programs working together automatically

Check back here to catch any new posts! And if these guides have been helpful and you’d like to help out with funding my blog, you can make a donation here. It’s greatly appreciated!

10 thoughts on “The (Almost) Complete Guide to Creating the Ultimate Plex Server

  1. Reviewing your guides has given me some ideas on how to modify my setup to improve the automation. I started using ACD as a way to move media off a large LVM partition with a failing drive.

    One thing I’m doing different than how you have it is 2 remote servers. One is my seedbox (dedicated server) with CP and Sonarr. The other hosts Emby/PMS (and other services). I also have a server locally that still has a lot of media and Emby/PMS. ACD hosts the media and all end points see the same media.

    I’ve been using Emby for a couple years and have looked at PMS a couple times. I’m using them side by side right now. My biggest problems have been full automation, stability, and the ‘just work’ factor.

    Thanks for publishing your guides. I look forward to new content.


  2. Hi! Me again, with some boring and maybe idiotic questions.

    1. How would we modify the sonarr script to work with couchpotato?

    2. I have some movies and series on my physical harddrive that I want to upload to the server – where would I move them to?

    3. Is there a way to modify this to do something similar with calibre? I’ve read this tutorial, so I guess my only missing piece would be how to modify it to include working with ACD.

    Again, thank you so much for these amazing guides, and looking forward to new content.



  3. Thanks so much for these great guides.

    With the recent ACD problems.

    Could you help advise how to get your setup working with plexderive and google drive?

    Thanks again,


    • I’ll be honest, I only set PlexDrive up and started using it with the default configuration, and noticed it was both slower to start than GDrive-ocaml-fuse and also buffered more often. I haven’t really messed with it since. But I am working on getting a newer guide set up to use both mounting tools. Hopefully I can have it posted this weekend, but I’m on my honeymoon so I haven’t had much time to write.


  4. Any chance you can share your updated setup with GDrive-ocaml-fuse?

    Still having trouble getting everything to work together.


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